Four-foot Snake & Reptile Cages

Secure & Comfortable for Their Space — Custom-sized for Your Space

4-foot200wReptile Cage Features:
1/4 inch polypropylene construction that's light enough to lift, yet strong enough to stack!

From one to two-feet high, our four-foot reptile cages are the ideal environment for balls, medium sized boas, and small lizard collections. Add extra height to customize your reptile cage with lighting and/or add an optional divider for extra ease in cleaning or extra space for breeding. At Monster-cages, we build reptile cages to fit your space and the needs of your snake or reptile collection.

Constructed out of durable 1/4 inch polypropylene, all connecting pieces of Monster Cages are routed and fitted for extra strength. Pre-assembled reptile cages are welded, not glued or spot-welded, resulting in even better strength, easier clean-up and less cracks and corners to hide pathogens and pests.

Colors: Your preference in black or white.(All white, all black, white inside with black face, etc.)


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  • Prices: sizes=LWH
  • 48"X24"X12"
  • 48"X24"X24"
  • 48"X30"X18"
  • 1 to 10
  • $250.00
  • $275.00
  • $275.00
  • 10 to 20
  • $225.00
  • $250.00
  • $250.00
  • over 20
  • $200.00
  • $225.00
  • $225.00

All standard cages include acrylic hinged doors. Custom snake cage sizes, custom doors, and accessories always available

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