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Reptile Rack Systems

Monster Cages Reptile RAcks

Monster Cages Reptile Rack Systems are the lightest reptile racks on the market. In fact, our I-Series 10-tub tall racks are less than 50 lbs.

Yet every Monster Cages rack maintains our strong reptile cage standards.

The secret is in the tough polypropylene plastic we use for your racks. Additionally, the polypro gives the shelves and sidewalls a nine R-value, which nicely insulates your racks and allows your heat tape and thermostats to operate at maximum efficiency.

Like all Monster Cages products, we build your reptile racks to the size you need no matter what size or brand tub you use to keep your animals.

rack heat tape detail

All reptile racks include heat tape contained within the shelf. This means your boxes won't rub your heat tape the wrong way and scraping boxes over heat tape won't shorten the life of your reptile tubs.

No order size and no rack size
is too big or too small!

Just like Monster cages, each reptile rack we make is custom work — built to your specs! From single racks that hold two to four tubs to tall rack towers, every order is a custom order at Monster Cages. We build your racks to the size you need to fit your available reptile keeping space.

We build your reptile racks with or without tubs included

Your rack can accommodate any sized reptile tub from Rubbermaid®, Sterlite®, Iris®, Holiday® or any other brand you use. Just let us know the brand of tubs and sizes you prefer or send us a sample reptile tub and we'll build your reptile rack accordingly.

Include an optional top cap and wheeled coasters on larger rack systems to combine rack towers and make them even easier to move around your reptile keeping space!

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All racks available in either black or white.

I–Series Racks

I-Series Racks

Fits Iris® CB-70 tubs

10-shelf tower accommodates Iris 10 tubs

R–Series Racks

R-Series Racks

Fits Rubbermaid® #2220 & #2221 Tubs

11-shelf tower accommodates 11 to 22 Rubbermaid tubs.

S–Series Racks

s-Series Racks

Fits Sterlite® model #1752 tubs

16 shelves tower accommodates 48 Sterlite tubs


  • 1-9: $700
  • 10 to 19: $675


  • 1 - 9 $500
  • 10- 19 $475


  • 1 - 9 $600
  • 10- 19 $575

Inquire for discounts on premium orders (over 20)!

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